Travel around the UK While you are in the UK, take advantage of our extensive travel network to explore the UK and Europe. You can make the most of your spare time and broaden your experience by visiting some world-renowned destinations. The UK has an extensive rail network, which, thanks to the Channel Tunnel, also allows you to reach Paris and a number of other cities in France as well as Brussels in Belgium without having to get on a plane. UK towns and cities are linked by a wide-ranging system of motorways and A roads, allowing you to travel by car, motorbike, bus or coach to all parts of the country. Frequent and efficient air services also connect major UK cities with many European and international destinations. For instance, you can fly direct from Manchester to Amsterdam, Cardiff to Paris, Gatwick to Berlin – and all in little over an hour. The scenic Greek islands, the historic sites of the Middle East or the cultural cities of Eastern Europe are only three or four hours away from the UK by air.

Getting around UK towns and cities

One of the best way to see most UK cities is on foot. You will find that in most towns and cities all the local attractions are within a short walk of one another and walking around at your own pace will allow you to focus on the things that particularly appeal to you.

When visiting somewhere for the first time make the local Tourist Information Centre you first stop. They are often located near to the railway station or in the centre of town. They will be able to provide you with a map of the local area, help with accommodation, if you need it and suggest places of interest to visit.

Many towns and cities offer tickets, such as one-day, three day and weekly travel cards that generally are better value than buying individual tickets and will allow you to use most public transport in the city.

Exploring the UK As well as travelling independently around the UK, you may find that your college or university also offers opportunities for you to see more of the country. Students’ Unions often offer day trips to places of interest, which can be a fun day out and a good way to meet people. This may be especially true of international student societies during induction periods.

You will also find that many student societies provide opportunities for travel. Joining a sports team that competes against teams from other institutions can be a good way to see other towns and cities, while outdoor activity societies such as walking or rock-climbing groups will give you a chance to see some beautiful countryside. Choirs may perform in churches and cathedrals around the country, while drama and dance groups may often undertake theatre tours during the holidays.